Halcyon Guitars

Custom guitars handmade in East Vancouver, BC

Acoustic guitars starting at $1699 CAN

Ed Bond

Ed Bond is a luthier based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He combines 18 years of guitar building experience with a well trained ear to create two lines of high quality acoustic guitars. 


Halcyon Guitars feature elegant and minimalist construction, honouring the natural beauty of their raw materials, and focusing all efforts on tone and playability. Tinker Guitars elevate this philosophy by adding rare woods and intricate details that highlight Bond’s woodworking skills. Both product lines showcase the fundamental purpose of acoustic guitars by putting their sound quality front and centre.


Ed began building guitars at Larrivée Canada in 1996. Starting with the very basics he moved around the shop floor, becoming intimately familiar with the compartmentalized details of factory production. His last 12 years at Larrivée were spent as Production Manager and Quality Control Manager as well as directly supervising the assembly line. He has been involved, hands on, for the production of 100,000 instruments, a truly invaluable experience. Ed has personally completed 5000 final neck fits, 10,000 fret jobs and 40,000 setups including the final 10 guitars to come off the line in Canada. 


In 2002, while still with Larrivée, he started building Tinker guitars to explore his own construction ideas. To date, Ed has built over 120 guitars from scratch in his own shop. In 2012 he launched Halcyon Guitars (named for the Tea Party song ‘Halcyon Days’) in an effort to bring hand built craftsmanship to a wider market. 


Ed’s reverence for the construction process and attention to detail is clear in every guitar produced, customized to his client’s specific needs. Extensive deflection and resonance testing is conducted on each guitar to ensure a rich, resonant instrument with powerful volume and exceptional tonal and string to string balance. 


Currently, Ed builds his instruments in his East Vancouver workshop. On a rare day off, Ed enjoys sound engineering, archery and fishing.